Internet Marketing Basics – Three Minimum Requirements For Success

July 25, 2016

New and aspirant internet marketers often seem to neglect to seriously consider fundamental internet marketing basics and the universally accepted steps to be taken and tools to be employed to ensure success in online marketing.

These essential tools and steps are not optional extras, but the must-haves, the prerequisites for building a profitable internet marketing business.

Basic Internet Marketing Tools and Processes

1.Your own website hosted on your own domain.

For this you need a domain hosting company. With your self-hosted website on your own domain you create your unique online presence, reflecting your specific image and content. Your own website with its unique domain name is you and your business window to the world in cyberspace. It is your exclusive piece of internet real estate. There is no other way of creating and developing a real, lasting and reputable online marketing and business profile.It is through your website that you and your business are branded and through which you establish credibility and trust. You cannot achieve these fundamental internet marketing prerequisites with an affiliate website, because it is impossible to create your own content and establish your own online identity with another person’s replicated website.

The importance of having your own website, even as an affiliate internet marketer, is a non-negotiable for long term and sustained internet marketing success.

2. Building you own list of email subscribers.

The money really is in your own list of loyal email subscribers! To build your own list, you need a mechanism on your website from where people can sign up for your email newsletter. This can be an opt-in form on your website or blog, but much more effective is a squeeze page.

A squeeze page is dedicated to getting people to sign up for your newsletter and has a strong compelling element. The squeeze page has one purpose and one purpose only and that is to get people on your email list. You use a squeeze page to lure people into signing up for your newsletter by offering them a quality product for free. Nothing wrong with this, it’s the norm in internet marketing and the roadmap to a successful online career!

3. You need an auto email responder to build your own list and to effectively communicate with the people on your list.

An auto email responder is email marketing software that automates the delivery of your email messages as people subscribe to your list. When a person signs up to your list from your opt-in form or squeeze page, that data is submitted directly into your auto responder and the auto responder then starts sending out your preloaded messages according to the intervals you have set up.

For example, once a new subscriber has submitted their email address, they will immediately receive a confirmation request email to confirm their request to be on your email list. Once your subscribers have confirmed, they are double opt-in subscribers, safeguarding you from being accused of spamming them. They will also automatically be redirected to the download page of the product that you offered them for free in exchange for signing up to your list. This will automatically and sequentially be followed by your preloaded marketing, educational and relationship building email messages (newsletter or ezine).

You will notice that these internet marketing basics, the minimum required tools and steps outlined above are, integrated and interdependent. You need a self-hosted website such as a blog or squeeze page to build your list. Conversely, for building your list you require an auto email responder. It is practically impossible to embark on email list building and communicate with the people on your list without an auto responder.